Accueil SARI

SARI is a concerted action of PREDIT (French national research and innovation program on earth transport) and carries out from 2005 to 2010. The aim of the project is to improve road safety on rural roads where fatalities represent 2/3 of all, mainly due to vehicles loss of control.

The developed solutions are information to drivers on the road about road status and how to adapt the driving. The information carried by equipment has to be low cost and well located, so it results from a diagnosis to know where the danger is related to road status.

The tasks of RADARR work package focus on the break in the design of the road where the driver has to adapt this driving and his speed.

The work package IRCAD completes the previous one with the road risk linked to weather conditions and specifically with rain and wind.

The third work package VIZIR sets out to study visibility and legibility status on the route and three specific situations: junction, curve and summit on a hill.

The last work package AJISE calls for human and social disciplines to assess acceptability of the users and the road managers about the proposed solutions.

28 tools in four categories are developed:


Some warning systems are promising because they lead to a speed reduction that could decrease by 25% the number of fatalities.